Business Speaking & Job Intervirew Preparation

This eight week intensive course improves your business speaking skills in preparation for communicating in professional business and work related settings.

Business Speaking & Job Interwiev Preparation


Ready to be Hired?

You will gain practice with mock job interviews, receive assistance creating and using social media accounts, create your own professional resume and become more confident in applying for jobs

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This course includes private help with your instructor and mentors who will work with your current schedule as you complete the course.

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For all levels, we provide one-on-one classes. Therefore you may schedule your program without any problem.

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To be more social and to have more opportunity to speak with different people we offer group classes.
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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! Taking a business English course at WEA is one of the best things you can do to help yourself get the job you want. You will receive practice, coaching, skills, tips, resume building, assistance with technology and social media and assistance with everything you need to look and sound like a professional in the business world.
The Business English course at WEA requires students to test at the intermediate level of English.
Differences between a resume and a CV, Improvements in cultural awareness differences, body language, dress, etc.
Yes. Common questions and answers will be practiced in mock interviews, as well as unexpected situations will be explored and discussed.
WEA’S Business English course will guarantee improved confidence in your speaking skills, interview preparation, social media accounts and resume building. WEA will do all we can to help you market yourself to land the job of your dreams.

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