General English

How long does it take to complete the General English program?
You will start in the General English class that you place into based on your
English Placement Test score. There are three levels in the WEA General
English Program (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced). Each level course
takes 8 weeks. If you start as an intermediate level student, it will take 16
weeks to complete, as long as you master all material and course
Is there an age restriction to attend General English courses at WEA?

WEA accepts students from all to General English Courses.

How many students are in General English classes?
General English classes are limited to
100 students. Private, or one student
with one teacher lessons are available, as well as semi-private with two
students and one teacher, and mini-group classes with one teacher and up to
five students are also available upon request.
How many hours per week are General English courses?

8 hours including mentoring activities

Are any certificates given to students at the end of the General English program?
Yes. All students who graduate from the Advanced level of WEA’s General
English program will earn a certificate of successful achievement that you
can share with prospective employers and your professional network.
How can I pay for my courses? / What forms of payment does WEA accept?
(?) WEA offers flexible payment options and many discounts that are
available to students up until February 2021, at which time our payment
schedule will be revised.
Are the teachers at WEA native speakers?


Academic English

What TOEFL score can I expect to receive after completion of this course?
It depends on your current level and targets but at the end of the course you
can get +96 easily.
Which part of the TOEFL is the most difficult?
For many students, the listening section of the TOEFL exam is the most
difficult. Although the reading section has the most difficult vocabulary, the
listening section has been said to be the most difficult for most students.
Does WEA offer classes for other academic exams, or just TOEFL?
Yes. WEA will customize a class for you and your friends for other exams such as IELTS, GRE and GMAT upon request.
How does the WEA Academic English course prepare me for TOEFL?

72 hours including mentoring activities

Does this course offer a practice TOEFL Test?


Do I need a tutor for TOEFL in addition to the course?
At WEA, you will have a mentor that will work with you based on your ability
and confidence to achieve your desired score. You have double the
assistance to reach your goal.

Business English

Do business English classes really work?
Absolutely! Taking a business English course at WEA is one of the best things
you can do to help yourself get the job you want. You will receive practice,
coaching, skills, tips, resume building, assistance with technology and social
media and assistance with everything you need to look and sound like a
professional in the business world.
Is any background information or knowledge necessary?
The Business English course at WEA requires students to test at the
intermediate level of English.
What can I expect to learn and improve in WEA’s Business English course?
Differences between a resume and a CV, Improvements in cultural
awareness differences, body language, dress, etc.
Will this course do mock interviews with students?
Yes. Common questions and answers will be practiced in mock interviews, as
well as unexpected situations will be explored and discussed.
Will WEA help me find a job after I complete this course?
WEA’S Business English course will guarantee improved confidence in your
speaking skills, interview preparation, social media accounts and resume
building. WEA will do all we can to help you market yourself to land the job of
your dreams.

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