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Regarding your level, we offer 12 weeks course from Beginner to Advanced level students.
We support you to reach your goals at TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, GMAT, GRE and local exams.
In just 8 weeks get ready for the interviews and improve your Business speaking skills. 


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At World English Academy, our mission is to provide each student with a tailored learning experience that meets their personal and professional goals. Our certified instructors use traditional teaching methods along with the most current technology available to ensure you will be a part of a unique and supportive online community.

Our courses are guaranteed to be full of interactive experiences with classmates, communication partners, mentors and even include interactive assignments with your own family and friends. Your future starts here at WORLD ENGLISH ACADEMY! Take your Free Placement Test today!

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You can watch and listen to our alumni’s opinion abour World English Academy. They had same questions with you but they decided to change something in their life and attended our course. You can easily observe that they can speak English fluently and feel comfortable while speaking English. Don’t waste time anymore and book for our free placement test.

Self Study Packages

You can improve the efficiency of your self study with correct curriculum and contents.
These packages include everything includes everything such as curriculum, dictionary, books,
sheets, video recordings and even couple of one-on-one sessions with our instructors.

Answers to Your Questions

Here is the common questions. If you could not find your answer here, please contact with us.

Is there an age restriction to attend General English courses at WEA?

WEA accepts students from all to General English Courses.

Are any certificates given to students at the end of the General English program?

Yes. All students who graduate from the Advanced level of WEA’s General English program will earn a certificate of successful achievement that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network.

What TOEFL score can I expect to receive after completion of this course?

It depends on your current level and targets but at the end of the course you can get +96 easily.

Which part of the TOEFL is the most difficult?

For many students, the listening section of the TOEFL exam is the most difficult. Although the reading section has the most difficult vocabulary, the listening section has been said to be the most difficult for most students.

Is any background information or knowledge necessary?

The Business English course at WEA requires students to test at the
intermediate level of English.

What can I expect to learn and improve in WEA’s Business English course?

Differences between a resume and a CV, Improvements in cultural awareness differences, body language, dress, etc.