General English Courses

WEA offers twelve weeks group classes for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced  level English. General English Level courses are designed to improve students overall comprehension and communication in English. Focus is on grammar, reading, listening, writing and speaking. These courses are a first step to becoming more confident in your use of the English language and get students on their way to being able to understand and communicate in English in the real world.


Let’s Speak English

General English Level courses are designed to improve students overall comprehension and communication in English. Focus is on grammar, reading, listening, writing and speaking.

Mentoring Service

Your mentor is ready to evaluate your progress.

Online Education

With LMS you know what and when you study.

Native Speakers

For all levels, we provide native speakers to you.

What Our Alumni Say About Us?

Video Testimonials

You can watch and listen to our alumni’s opinion abour World English Academy. They had same questions with you but they decided to change something in their life and attended our course. 

You can easily observe that they can speak English fluently and feel comfortable while speaking English.

Don’t waste time anymore and book for our free placement test.



At a Glance

Fastest Way to be Advanced

With help of unique curriculum prepared for you, we offer you the fastest way to speak English at Advanced Level. .

One-on-One Classes

For all levels, we provide one-on-one classes. Therefore you may schedule your program without any problem.

Group Classes

To be more social and to have more opportunity to speak with different people we have group classes option, as well.

Pricing Plan


Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to complete the General English program?
You will start in the General English class that you place into based on your
English Placement Test score. There are three levels in the WEA General
English Program (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced). Each level course
takes 8 weeks. If you start as an intermediate level student, it will take 16
weeks to complete, as long as you master all material and course
Is there an age restriction to attend General English courses at WEA?

WEA accepts students from all to General English Courses.

How many students are in General English classes?
General English classes are limited to
100 students. Private, or one student
with one teacher lessons are available, as well as semi-private with two
students and one teacher, and mini-group classes with one teacher and up to
five students are also available upon request.
How many hours per week are General English courses?

8 hours including mentoring activities

Are any certificates given to students at the end of the General English program?
Yes. All students who graduate from the Advanced level of WEA’s General
English program will earn a certificate of successful achievement that you
can share with prospective employers and your professional network.
How can I pay for my courses? / What forms of payment does WEA accept?
(?) WEA offers flexible payment options and many discounts that are
available to students up until February 2021, at which time our payment
schedule will be revised.
Are the teachers at WEA native speakers?


Free Placement Test

Evaluate yourself

The first step is to take our FREE English placement test. This is a great way to evaluate yourself and get an idea as to where you stand in reading comprehension, grammar, writing and listening to the English language. After you  complete your Free Placement Test, a WEA advisor will contact you via email with your results and customize your experience in our program in order to meet your individual needs. Simply plan about 120 minutes to take the test, and click on the Free Placement Test button.